CJCP Technology, Inc.

Since 1987, the entire capital amounted to NT $ 14 million, the plant area of about 360 square meters, Main Business 3C components, optoelectronic components, all kinds of metal panels, special materials stamping, and Subsequent additional processing, providing customers with fast, convenient and professional services, and passed ISO 9001:2015 certification in February 2018, allowing customers to safely deliver the products to us.

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ISO 9001:2015

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1987 - Establish CJCP Technology, Inc.
1988 - Electroless nickel plating metal as a main business items developed actively and precision metal parts
1989 - Add automated production equipment and inspection equipment
1990 - Add metal stamping equipment and develop metal stamping business
1991 - Production consistency → stamping → plating → assembly → packaging → shipping form one stop service
2004 - Actively promote technological transformation to manufacture precision exterior parts
2007 - Add sandblasting equipment
2012 - Plant expansion and relocation to No. 37-1, Qiansui Road, Tucheng District, New Taipei City
2018 - Coached by Godenstone International Management Consultants Co., Ltd. Pass the ISO 9001-2015 international certification